Detachment from Identity

Free Mind CB’s Module 3 focuses on the sense of identity we create throughout life. This identity is represented by a set of habits and behaviors that belongs to the so-called “personality” – which the mind believes to be and which is thought to have an innate and defined shape. Many beliefs originate at birth, in the early years of life, and are based on the social standards conveyed by family and society. They include beliefs of abundance, self-esteem, competence and may involve distortions of authority figures and how we perceive the world. They may also have gotten biased or reinforced by traumas and blocks as we experienced pain, loss or abuse, for instance. These beliefs are frequently repeated so often in life that they have become part of our cellular memory and thus reflect our actions, the way we act. These beliefs are based on what we think ‘we are’, rather than on the true essence of our being; they can therefore be redesigned. Thus, Module 3 consists of deep identity redesigning work. To achieve that goal, this module comprises different types of meditation and techniques applied by Neuroscience, which propose effective dynamics to access and tackle these patterns. That work supports participants in building and developing patterns of behavior that allow them to modify and reshape their beliefs. Issues such as fear and the essence-ego relationship, communication, how to generate new brain connections and modify patterns are also addressed and discussed at the seminar. Benefits • Identifying basic beliefs related to birth and growth so that they may be developed. • Understanding the role of FEAR in behaviors and attitudes; address and overcome them. • Tools aimed at breaking our identification with the EGO and at transcending what the mind believes it is. • Learning rules that keep our mind young and open and in a continuous development process. • Developing a support tool that helps us keeping up awareness on a daily basis. • Developing new brain synapses. • Learning rules for Compassionate Communication based on the five basic feelings.


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