Autonomy and Redesign

The school slogan says “Free Mind CB - Free Mind, Happy Heart!” Thus, Free Mind CB’s method is based on working on the mind, which involves tools for efficient and practical application aimed at breaking negative beliefs. Concentrating on the power of a positive mind allows participants to start a new phase of experiences that focuses on the present and provides more fullness, joy and self-knowledge. That state of plenitude, according to the philosophy of the Cóndor Blanco Organization, transforms the four main areas of life: prosperity, happiness, culture and freedom. The first module is thus based on the concept of autonomy of what I feel, think, say and do. Topics covered: • How to identify, reduce and eliminate belief systems that cause stress, anxiety and fears. • Assertive communication. • How to redesign relationships. • Illusion x Reality – learning to live the present moment. • Mental Clarity – How to understand the mental dialogue and to live in a more productive and efficient way. • Physical somatization. • Congruence – how to be congruent with what you think, say and do. • Balance and Peace – how not to live at war with reality. Benefits: • Discover how to live more peacefully despite the challenges of everyday life. • Learn how to devise peace agreements in your relationships. • Find out how to break free from anxieties created by future expectations. • Learn to reduce the mental dialogue and focus your energy on priorities. • Learn how to become more congruent and to enhance your personal power. • Learn how to accept reality and to live life with a deep sense of gratitude. • Learn how to set the mind at peace and to get in touch with meditation.


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